Karine Jean-Pierre Under Fire Over Bidenomics Claim

Karine Jean-Pierre's Under Fire Over Bidenomics Claim

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – During a recent press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was confronted by reporters. The press called out an incorrect tweet by President Biden’s official POTUS account that stated wages were increasing for Americans.

Twitter users retaliated against the tweet by adding a notice to the tweet via the social media platform’s Community Notes feature, which allows a majority of users to approve a disclaimer. This effectively fact-checks false statements made by prominent Twitter accounts.

The tweet stated that American wages are higher now than before the pandemic. The statement was met with an onslaught by users and a Community Note citing government data that showed “real wages” adjusted for inflation to be $11.05, which was lower than pre-pandemic levels of $11.15.

In response to being questioned by a reporter, Jean-Pierre plainly said that “We disagree,” adding that the administration was looking at data from February of 2021, which supposedly shows that wages have gotten stronger since then.

Prominent Twitter users slammed Jean-Pierre on social media for her insistence that the president was correct. National Review writer Pradheep Shanker sarcastically tweeted “Facts are Racist™” in response to the tweet. Max Murray, an economist, wrote that it was “constantly necessary” to call out the White House press secretary, dubbing her “Miss Pinocchio,” and saying that the administration was “putting out malarkey.”

Biden also made similarly misleading statements about reducing the national deficit by $1.7 trillion, which even The Washington Post, a left-leaning publication, designated as highly misleading. The president also misled Americans when commemorating the one-year anniversary of launching the nation’s first government-funded mental health hotline, which has the emergency call number 988.

Community Notes promptly corrected Biden for saying that he always supported universal healthcare measures. In fact, Biden previously stated on the campaign trail that he would refuse to support any actions that would establish forms of universal healthcare in America, and he pledged to veto any such measures if they were passed by Congress.

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