Kim Jong Un Calls for “War Preparations”

( – North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un said on Friday that he wanted his military to “step up their war preparations.” Kim Jong Un was touring a shipyard located in Nampho where his military conducted weapon tests.

“The navy presents itself as the most important issue in reliably defending the maritime sovereignty of the country and stepping up the war preparations,” said Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has been pushing for more military involvement and testing, including nuclear testing, as he prepares for any possible threat. Kim has made it clear that potential threats include Japan, the United States, and South Korea.

The shipyard Kim Jong Un was touring consisted of warships that were in the midst of construction. The exact type of warship was not mentioned, but the project was initiated in 2021 and is expected to take 5 years.

Kim has spoken heavily of weaponry that he would like to have, which has included nuclear weapons such as nuclear-powered submarines that have the capability to launch nuclear missiles from underwater.

A South Korean Unification Ministry spokesperson said, “By making military threats routine, North Korea is trying to create a sense of insecurity among South Korean people to undermine trust in their government and to attract international attention to build an atmosphere in which its demands must be accepted to resolve the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.” According to her, this was also the first time Kim Jong Un had ever done a military inspection there.

North Korea has been testing weapons consistently now for a while and just after this was reported, they conducted another test which was confirmed by South Korea and the United States. North Korea sent off a cruise missile into the Western waters. This marks the fourth cruise missile test in 2024.

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