Kim Jong Un Regime Announces Full Support of Putin

Kim Jong Un Regime Announces Full Support of Putin

( – The Korean Central News Agency, a state-controlled media organization in North Korea, has recently reported that Kim Jong Un is lending his “full support” to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

In the statement, Kim Jong Un reaffirmed the “DPRK-Russia friendship,” which he claimed has stood the test of time “generation after generation.” He also said that the Russian people will continue to “add glory to their history of victory,” and has doubled down on his support for Russia in the war against Ukraine, saying he supported the invasion from the start.

Additionally, Kim Jong Un has the desire to work with Putin in the interest of defending global security.

The message was sent on Russia’s “National Day of Russia,” commemorating the Russian Federation’s independence from the Soviet Union, which officially dissolved in 1991.

According to the Moscow Times, Kim Jong Un has described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an American proxy war intended to destroy Russia. He has also condemned Western military aid to Kiev. The North Korean leader has vowed to “hold hands” with the Russian president in the “desire” of Russians and North Koreans to both build powerful countries.

North Korea has been seeking to form a closer relationship with Russia after the invasion of Ukraine to further posture itself against what it calls a “hegemonic policy” from the United States and the rest of the West, Reuters reported. Since then, North Korea has also threatened to resume its nuclear missile program amid pressure from the United States.

However, all may not be well for the North Korean leader, as South Korean intelligence officers have recently reported that Kim Jong Un could be suffering from insomnia as well as alcohol and drug abuse, One America News reported.

Yoo Sang-bum, a South Korean politician, also said that North Korean authorities are stockpiling various insomnia medications, as well as cigarettes and alcohol.

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