Klarna Says 90% of Their Employees Use Generative AI Daily

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A Swedish financial technology company, Klarna, said that ninety percent of their five thousand employees use generative AI every day.

Klarna is a program that lets you split your purchases into interest-free, monthly installments. The type of tools that their employees use is ChatGPT and their own internal AI assistant. Those who work in non-technical groups, like communications or marketing, make up the majority of the users who use generative artificial intelligence.

According to a survey, over sixty percent of people who work from their computers are using generative AI in their daily work, sometimes without their manager knowing. However, Klarna’s unique situation makes for a higher number of people who are using generative AI.

Klarna’s internal AI assistant is called Kiki and it responds to about two thousand queries per day. Klarna stated that they use generative AI to evaluate whether press articles about them are positive or negative. They’ve also used ChatGPT Enterprise to create first drafts of documents like contracts.

Klarna’s senior managing legal counsel, Selma Bogren, said, “You still need to adapt it to make it work for your particular case but instead of an hour you can draft a contract in ten minutes.”

Klarna has been looking to implement AI into its practices for years now. Following a layoff of ten percent of their workforce, they implemented AI. The company has said that laying off employees and adopting AI has paid off by making the business more profitable.

Klarna said its chatbot is doing the work of seven hundred full-time customer service jobs and therefore they are saving over forty million dollars.

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