LA Mayor Angry Abbot is Still Shipping Migrants

( – The Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants during Tropical Storm Hilary. She attacked Abbott for what she called a despicable act beyond politics and asserted that it was evil to endanger the lives of migrants by busing them to the city, which was under a tropical storm warning. Bass also said that the action was done with intent, asserting that Abbott knows the dangers of hurricanes and thunderstorms, as Texas deals with this threat from the Gulf of Mexico yearly.

Hilary, the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in almost a century, toppled trees and flooded roads. The National Hurricane Center warned that there was still the risk of it being life-threatening with the addition of catastrophic flooding. Fortunately, Los Angeles officials have reported no deaths or major damage.

Abbott’s press secretary explained that bus drivers taking migrants to sanctuary cities take weather conditions into account in reaching their destination. During transportation, he assured that the drivers take caution and ensure access to food and water. He further detailed that those arriving in Los Angeles had signed a voluntary consent waiver, available in their language, opting to pick Los Angeles as their destination. He also blamed President Biden for creating the immigration crisis along the US-Mexico border, detailing how the historic level of immigration that Texas border towns that are not sanctuary cities are taking the brunt.

As a result of the crisis, Gov. Abbott has been sending migrants to California and several Democratic-controlled cities with sanctuary status. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is running for president, has done the same. The continued political relevancy of immigration as a wedge issue in politics will continue to politicize policies in dealing with migrants in the United States. In the meantime, Republican officials will continue to advocate for the busing of migrants to those cities that have created sanctuary policies to create less pressure on their resources for dealing with migrant intake.

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