Lawsuit Against Snapchat For Drug Deals CONTINUES?

Bangkok, Thailand - April 22, 2017 : Apple iPhone5s in a mug showing its screen with Snapchat logo.

( – October of 2022, a group of families came forward to expose the problem with drug deals on the social media platform, Snapchat. They sued Snapchat after their children got drugs through the platform; all but two of the children associated with these cases died from ingesting the drugs purchased from Snapchat.

California tried fighting the lawsuit in October, but just on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge stated that the lawsuit could continue.

The lawsuit itself says, “Snap and Snapchat’s role in illicit drug sales to teens was the foreseeable result of the designs, structures, and policies Snap chose to implement to increase its revenues.”

Snapchat-specific features such as hidden messages and other hidden features make illegal activities much easier to perform on the platform, which is said to have contributed to this issue. Snapchat’s design is meant to be more secretive, which those behind the lawsuit say is one of the biggest reasons that tragedies like this are happening more and more.

One 16-year-old child, Sammy, whose parents are television host Dr. Laura Berman and her husband Sam Chapman, died after getting a laced pill off of Snapchat. Allegedly, he bought a pill from someone on Snapchat but it was a counterfeit pill that was fentanyl instead. Sammy died as a result of ingesting this drug.

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit lost her 14-year-old son after taking a Fentanyl-laced Oxycodone pill. She said, “Kids are losing their lives, and they swept it under the rug. They had their chance to do the right thing, and they chose profits over people.”

She continued to say that the way they will hold social media companies accountable for their role in this is by using “lawsuits and legislation.”

Ashley Adams, who is a spokesperson for Snap Inc., said that Snapchat will “continue to defend itself in court” as this lawsuit continues.

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