Leaks Regarding Vice President Candidates Continue During Pre-Election

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Information is beginning to leak concerning the candidates looking to become the next vice president, and Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be worried about it. This shortlist of potential candidates has been leaked across the media.

The leaks aren’t coming from Trump’s team, but they are aware that allies and strategists are promoting certain names.

Trump’s team has a teamwork outlook on the situation as many of the potential candidates are getting along. It’s been said that those who don’t get the vice president position would still end up in the Cabinet or other jobs within the administration.

Many people have publicly come out to say they are interested in the position, such as Tim Scott, who has shown interest since his own presidential campaign. However, Trump has seemed dismissive of him and has said that the Senate’s only black Republican does a better job of advocating for him.

Doug Burgum is another potential candidate; he’s the North Dakota governor, and it has been said that Trump does like him. News outlets have run with this information that Trump is a fan of Burgum, saying that he would be up for nomination, but again, no details have been confirmed.

Another person who the news outlets pushed for was Marco Rubio who lost to Trump in his first term, but he recently gained popularity after a successful donor event. The only complication here is that the running mates can’t be from the same state, to which Rubio said he would move out of state if necessary.

Donald Trump has also spoken out about others such as J.D. Vance who seemed supportive of him; he’s also mentioned Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz and that they would not be considered for the spot at all.

Some people have come out to say that they aren’t stressed over who is going to win because Trump will be the one to fully govern, so it doesn’t matter who gets the Vice presidential ticket.

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