Legendary U.S. WWII Submarine Located Underwater Near Philippines

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – An iconic and historic United States Navy World War II submarine has just been discovered three thousand feet deep in the ocean near the Philippines.

The USS Harder was found near the Philippine island Luzon as it sat “relatively intact” underwater, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command. The submarine was found using data from the Lost 52 Project, which is run by Tim Taylor and works to find the fifty-two submarines that sank during World War II.

The USS Harder was led by Commander Samuel D Dealey and earned a legendary reputation when it sank three destroyers and damaged two others in just a few days. This eventually led to Japan being defeated in the battle because it caused the Japanese commander to delay his carrier force.

Following this, Japan sent underwater torpedoes which eventually sank the submarine and killed all seventy-nine crewmembers. Because of the preservation of the submarine, experts were able to easily tell that it was indeed Harder.

NHHC Director Samuel J. Cox, retired U.S. Navy rear admiral, said “Harder was lost in the course of victory. We must not forget that victory has a price, as does freedom.”

“We are grateful that Lost 52 has given us the opportunity to once again honor the valor of the crew of the ‘Hit ’em HARDER’ submarine that sank the most Japanese warships.”

Taylor, from the Lost 52 Project, has previously discovered other submarines from WWII, including the USS Stickleback, the USS Grayback, and the USS Grunion.

The Naval History and Heritage Command said that the wreckage “represents the final resting place of sailors that gave their life in defense of the nation and should be respected by all parties as a war grave.”

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