Lindell Slams Colbert for Mocking His Financial Woes

( – Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of the MyPillow company, has slapped the title of “scumbag” onto Stephen Colbert after the host mocked Lindell’s company, staff, and financial difficulties.

Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic (two voting machine organizations) now have lawsuits against Lindell. They believe the MyPillow founder has stained their reputations after he said Trump’s presidency was stolen from him in the presidential election in 2020.

Lindell feels he had been canceled by retailers after he expressed his election allegations. His vendors stopped placing orders to MyPillow and Lindell said he lost $100 million. The CEO was behind on all his legal bills and, in September, MyPillow’s credit was radically reduced by American Express. Lindell was then unable to pay his massive legal fees, causing him to lose his lawyers. Although Lindell was dropped by the law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort, he still spoke highly of the firm’s past defense of MyPillow. He said they were brave and accepted his case against the voting machine companies when other firms were too afraid to help him.

Lindell promises he will not settle in court, even if MyPillow is forced to file for bankruptcy.

On October 9th, during his show, Stephen Colbert ridiculed Lindell’s troubles. The host said Lindell will now need to change MyPillow’s name to “My Stale Crust of Sandwich” and the jingle to “Get away pigeon it’s mine!” Colbert then masqueraded as the CEO by clutching a pillow and donning a mustache. He mockingly stated he would defend his company, even if this leads to the complete ruin of it.

In response to the humiliating episode, Lindell declared Colbert to be a scumbag multiple times and literally spelled it out for Steven Bannon during his show. Lindell also told Bannon that Colbert laughed at his company’s money troubles and mocked his staff. Lindell said some of his employees have worked for him for two decades and they have families to take care of. Th

Lindell encourages his fans to donate to his Lindell Offense Fund to help him cover his ongoing lawsuits. He noted the money would also be used for legal action taken against the state of California.

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