Low Number of Americans in Military is “Deeply Problematic”

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Representative Pat Ryan spoke out saying that he sees a problem that comes with having fewer and fewer Americans in the military. According to him, less than one percent of Americans are active duty service members in the United States military.

According to Ryan, “When you lose touch between those that are fighting our wars and their families and everyone else, that’s something so essential that we have to figure out how to bring folks together, and get more folks serving.”

He continued, “We’ve been pushing and a bunch of directions to say that is not acceptable to the Department of Defense…And we’re starting to see the numbers come up.”

Waltz, a Florida Republican and a veteran, said “It’s important for the American people” to see their lawmakers and government officials “honoring our forefathers.”

Ryan and Waltz have both spoken about working to increase the number of veterans in Congress as they hope to get more people who have served in the military into politics.

Said Waltz, “One of the things that we’re both adamant and advocates of is getting us back to national service as a country.” He continued, saying, “Service doesn’t just have to be in the military.” He said that it could be within the national park, inner-city tutoring, elderly care, or something similar.

He also said that the government should incentivize service by proposing to young people that they could receive benefits after doing a year of service post-graduation and added, “I think we need to rethink service as a country.”

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