Lunch with JAY-Z or $500k Cash? JAY-Z Weighs In

( – Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay-Z, is a well-known singer and musician. He was the focal point of a meme that started on March 15, 2017. The Instagram post, by the user “hmtwnhero,” was black and white and asked viewers if it was a better idea to eat a 10-minute meal with Jay-Z or receive “$10,000 in cash.” Most viewers commented that they would take the cash over the singer. Jay-Z said people should take the money.

In February 2018, a YouTube video posted by “KevOnStage” discussed and made fun of Twitter posts that said it would be better to meet with Jay-Z rather than take the money. People who chose Jay-Z said they would learn everything they could from the rapper and become successful. KevOnStage concluded that it would be better to grab the money and that Jay-Z would think you were foolish if you met him instead.

The meme, with the option between Jay-Z and a large sum of money, was posted on several social media platforms and other news outlets. The amount of the money changed and slowly grew over time until it reached $500,000.

In September 2021, a Twitter account owned by Tidal said to “take the $500K.” Tidal is a company that streams music and is owned by Jay-Z.

Until December 4th, a library in Brooklyn, New York, is hosting Jay-Z’s “The Book of HOV” exhibit. To promote the display, he was interviewed by Gayle King on CBS News. King brought up the viral meme and asked Jay-Z if it would be wiser to meet with him or to obtain the money.

Jay-Z said everyone should “take the money.” People don’t need to sit down to a meal with him to learn his ways.. He believes anyone can acquire everything they need from him by purchasing his music for “$10.99.” Jay-Z feels it would be a “bad deal” to walk away from the money; people should buy his albums with the imagined $500,000, then they should listen carefully to everything he says in the music. Listeners who pay attention will notice everything he promised in his songs happened to him in real life. He had set goals for himself and fulfilled all of them.

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