Mayor States Immigrants Are “Excellent Swimmers” Could Help With Lifeguard Shortage

( – Eric Adams, New York Mayor, is facing backlash after comparing two situations and how they could benefit each other. Essentially, the mayor stated that a shortage of lifeguards on beaches could be resolved by using undocumented immigrants.

In his weekly conference, he was asked what he’d do about the city’s lifeguard shortage. “How do we have a large body of people that are in our city and country that are excellent swimmers, and at the same time we need lifeguards?” he said in response.

“We have all these eligible people waiting to work with the skills we need to fill the jobs but we are unable to allow them to work because bureaucracy is in the way. The only obstacle is that we won’t give them the right to work to become a lifeguard. That just doesn’t make sense,” he continued.

His remarks have drawn tons of criticism over the statement as some have said that the comments were offensive and racist. Chair of the Community Board in Manhattan’s East Village, Andrea Gordillo, had a response to the mayor’s comments. “The mayor’s statement that migrants are good swimmers is not only inaccurate and insensitive but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes,” she said.

“We need leadership that takes the climate of xenophobia and racism that enables discrimination and hate crimes head on, and embraces the values of inclusivity and respect that our city should uphold,” Gordillo continued.

Many have broken down the comments to say that because these immigrants had to go through difficult journeys, including swimming, to get to the United States, they would make good lifeguards.

With this, some have said that the mayor was making a point and that essentially he was stating that it’s difficult for these immigrants to get a real job and that they should make it easier for asylum seekers to get work.

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