McCarthy Responds to Hunter Biden Plea Agreement

McCarthy Responds to Hunter Biden Plea Agreement

( – The Washington Post recently reported that federal prosecutors and attorneys for Hunter Biden reached a tentative agreement in which the president’s son will plead guilty to two tax charges while admitting to the facts of the federal gun charge in exchange for no jail time.

While Biden’s attorney said the plea agreement puts an end to the years-long investigation into Hunter, US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss said the investigation remains “ongoing,” a clear indication that his probe into the younger Biden extends beyond the tax and gun issues.

According to court papers filed on June 20 in a federal court in Wilmington, Hunter will agree to plead guilty to two misdemeanors for failing to pay federal income tax in 2017 and 2018 when he earned over $1.5 million and owed over $100,000, which he failed to deliver on time.

People familiar with the deal told the Washington Post that prosecutors are expected to recommend probation on the tax charges.

In the second filing on the gun charge, Hunter agrees to enter a “Pretrial Diversion Agreement.”

A diversion is typically an option given to nonviolent offenders suffering from substance abuse problems. By handling the gun charge as a diversion case, Hunter is not technically pleading guilty. If he successfully completes the diversion program, the federal gun charge will be expunged from his record.

Congressional Republicans blasted the plea agreement and vowed to continue investigating the Biden family’s foreign business deals.

On Tuesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters that the plea deal is further proof of the “two-tier system” of justice in the United States.

McCarthy added that the Justice Department will “literally put you in jail and give you prison time” if you are President Biden’s “leading political opponent,” but for the president’s son, the Justice Department gives a “sweetheart deal.”

McCarthy said the plea agreement will not affect the ongoing House investigation into the Biden family, adding that Tuesday’s plea “should enhance our investigation” since the Justice Department will no longer be “able to withhold any information” from the House by citing a “pending investigation.”

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