Medical Center Denies Help To Patients Who Use “Unwelcome Words” ?!

( –A medical center just recently put out a statement saying that they would deny care to those who use “unwelcome words.”

Milford Regional Medical Center announced recently that they would be changing their rules on its “inclusive environment” and in turn they would be potentially denying care to patients who use “unwelcome words” such as disrespectful, racist, or discriminatory words.

Dr. Peter Smulowitz put out a video on the medical page’s YouTube channel explaining their thoughts on this new change. He told viewers that both staff and patients need to be able to be held accountable for their actions and what they say.

In his YouTube video, Smulowitz began, “Everyone should expect a safe, caring, and inclusive environment in all our spaces. Our patient and visitor code of conduct helps us meet this goal. Words or actions that are disrespectful, racist, discriminatory, hostile or harassing are not welcome and will not be tolerated.”

He did continue to give more specific examples of the type of wording that they would not accept in their practice anymore. He said, “Offensive comments about others’ race, ethnicity, accent, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other personal traits; refusal to see a clinician or other staff member based on these personal traits; aggressive or intimidating behavior, physical or verbal threats, and assaults; sexual or vulgar words or actions; and disrupting another patient’s care or experience.”.

As the doctor ended the video he explained to viewers that they will be warned if something like this happens ahead of terminating care to them at the medical practice. Smulowitz began, “If we believe you have violated our code with unwelcome words or actions, you will be given a chance to explain your point of view. We will always carefully consider your response before we make any decisions about future care at Milford Regional.”

If patients can be found guilty of this they may be asked to find another hospital for their care and to no longer come to the Milford Regional Medical Center. They also said that they would be looking into future non-emergency care and visitation rights as well for repeated offenses if this becomes a problem for them.

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