Meta Launches Subscription to Comply with EU Regulations

( – Users of Instagram and Facebook have panned a new subscription service that promises to eliminate advertisements from the two networks. Parent company Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, announced the subscription option for the two social networking platforms.

For breaching EU privacy regulations by moving Facebook users’ personal information to servers in the US, EU authorities levied an astounding $1.3 billion penalty against Meta in May.

Reports show the shift will impact millions of users who will have to pick whether they would rather see tailored advertisements or pay for ad-free content.

Meta was informed that it could not “force consent” by threatening users with removal from the services unless they agreed to the terms under which their data would be handled. But many sharply criticized the concept, saying they planned to terminate their accounts instead of having to pay for the luxury of ad-free browsing.

Meta estimates that there are 258 million regular users of Facebook and Instagram in the EU.

Web users may get a monthly membership for €9.99, but users of Android and iOS will have to fork out €12.99.

The recent move by Elon Musk to launch a subscription on X, formerly known as Twitter Blue but now known as X Premium, was cited by others.

One user said Zuckerberg is a plagiarist who is just trying to mimic Musk.

At the beginning of this year, Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner imposed a fine against Meta for 390 million euros and said it could not employ the “contract” as its legal basis for sending consumers targeted adverts based on their online behavior, according to reports. In order to comply with the ever-changing regulatory standards in the European Union, the firm later announced plans to get user permission before enabling companies to target advertisements.

Meta said that the motivation for its new subscription service was to ease EU concerns rather than increase revenue. We understand the reasoning behind these new European laws and are dedicated to following them as they develop.

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