Meta’s New Dividend Earns Zuckerberg $700M Per Year?!

( – Mark Zuckerberg announced that a new dividend would earn him $700 million every year which came as a shock following the outrage that he faced on Capitol Hill.

Zuckerberg has been facing criticism after many concerned adults and parents have come forward about the dangers that can come from using his social media platforms. Many gathered at an event to speak to Mark Zuckerberg, as well as other social media platform CEOs, such as those from Snap, X, and TikTok, about their failure to keep children safe from exploitation and sexual abuse online.

Zuckerberg’s giant pay raise is a result of Meta’s plans to pay a quarterly cash dividend of $.50 per share on common stock beginning this March. Mark Zuckerberg owns about 350 million shares which means that he will get approximately $175 million every quarter, making him $700 million annually.

Meta shares skyrocketed by 20% on Friday which made Zuckerberg about $28 million and although he is succeeding in terms of finances, many are not willing to support this profitability if he’s not addressing their major concerns.

Josh Golin is an executive director of Fairplay, which is an online safety advocate, and he spoke out about Zuckerberg’s priorities. “Shame on Mark Zuckerberg for prioritizing earning his next billion over the wellbeing and safety of the young people who make up his core user base. Rather than purchasing his 29th home, we hope he’ll use his new windfall to establish a victim’s compensation fund,” Josh Golin said.

The CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, Imran Ahmed, said, “Meta sees customers as an exploitable resource to mine for profit rather than human beings with fundamental human and civil rights. Until lawmakers intervene, CEOs will continue to prioritize their profit over people’s safety.”

As of Friday, Mark Zuckerberg is now officially the fourth richest person in the world and this has sparked tons of scrutiny as people are worried about where his priorities lie and whether or not he truly cares about the negative effects of his social media platforms.

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