Mexico May Elect First Female President in Historic Vote

( – Mexico has been voting in the national elections, and Claudia Sheinbaum has been leading the polls. The polls have placed Sheinbaum many points ahead of her opponent Xachitl Galvez. Galvez is part of a coalition called the Institutional Revolutionary Party that ran Mexico until the 2000s.

When the polls opened at eight in the morning, there were already lines outside of the voting centers. Sheinbaum, who was a former Mexico City mayor, said “Everyone must get out to vote.” This election has been surrounded by violence; thirty-eight of the candidates have been killed.

Lisa Sanchez, executive director of Mexico United Against Crime, said that the electoral situation has been the most violent that they’ve seen.

“Eighty-seven percent of all the candidates that were aggressed or killed were actually running for a post at the municipal local level. This is something that is very worrisome and talks about the need for attending or tackling the level of criminal governance that we have in Mexico at the very local level,” she said.

A victory for Sheinbaum or Galvez would be a huge step for Mexico with either of them being the first female leader in the country, especially in a country where their “macho culture” is well known.

Whoever wins the election will be faced with giant challenges including how to tackle organized crime and violence that goes on in the country.

Both candidates have promised to expand welfare programs and they have spoken out about their goals when it comes to improving the country.

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