Michigan Home Robberies Rise with South American Migrant Crisis

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – According to a report, pro-illegal immigrant signs can be seen in front of many multimillion-dollar mansions in wealthy communities. A poster celebrating illegal immigration in America is the ultimate in virtue signaling.

Liberal elites in Oakland County, Michigan, who have backed the pro-illegal immigration Democrats with great pride, are going to learn the hard way what takes place when they choose politicians who don’t care about national security.

Recently, law enforcement officials warned that “transnational gangs” originating from South America are responsible for a spate of burglaries targeting expensive Michigan residences.

According to a report, Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Oakland County has issued a warning because of an uptick in burglaries at expensive properties. Bouchard is asking the locals to beef up their home security, given that illegal immigrants are breaking in and stealing expensive items.

The Sheriff said that thieves are targeting valuables such as cash, jewelry, watches, metals, handbags, and safes. Over $1 million has been stolen. Their attention is only on the victim and not the community at large. They have no concept of local, state, or national boundaries.

Sheriff Bouchard said the accused are South American illegal aliens. The suspects are illegal immigrants who originate from Venezuela, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, and Honduras.

The sheriff said that most theft gangs come in through the southern border or use the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens of certain countries to visit the United States visa-free for business and tourism for stays of up to ninety days. While in the US, the gang members buy phony IDs, set up residences in the locations where they want to commit crimes, and illegally stay in the country.

The sheriff said that the lack of border protection was the fault of the Biden administration. Bouchard demanded that Biden do his damn job to secure the border and repair the immigration system.

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