Migrant Crisis Intensifies As People Found Sleeping On Streets

Migrant Crisis Intensifies As People Found Sleeping On Streets

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – New York City’s migrant crisis appears to be growing as new pictures have surfaced of a line of migrants sitting outside the once-prestigious Roosevelt Hotel, which has now reached capacity after being turned into a designated center to house hordes of undocumented asylum seekers flowing in from the southern border.

The line of migrants stretched the entire street at 46th and Vanderbilt as New Yorkers continued their daily commutes on Monday morning, July 31. The influx of undocumented migrants into the city is due in part to the governors of Southern states busing them to the city in protest of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, as well as the “sanctuary city” policies of Democrat-run inner cities.

The Roosevelt Hotel closed three years ago, but has since become a designated center for housing migrants as New York City continues to act as a sanctuary city. New York is also bound to house the migrants by law, as a decades-old consent decree from a class-action lawsuit mandates the state to provide those without shelter a place to live.

However, the Roosevelt Hotel is already at full capacity despite the fact it has been solely designated for the housing of migrants. According to the city, 93,000 migrants seeking asylum are already in the area as of last spring. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, a fierce opponent of Democrat sanctuary state and sanctuary city policies, has sent about 9,700 asylum seekers from the Texas southern border to New York.

In another act of protest, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also sent 85 migrants by plane to Massachusetts and California, two incredibly liberal states.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has called the current immigration crisis a disaster and has since opened 174 emergency centers and intake shelters to house the influx of migrants. The effort to house the migrants has also backfired, with Adams now starting to evict migrants from the city due to there being no more room.

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