Millennials Throw Out More Trash Than Any Other Generation

( – According to a new survey, a large number of millennials have admitted to throwing away tons of trash. Only eleven percent of Americans would give themselves a top score when it came to sustainability efforts and staying away from waste.

Two thousand adults were surveyed about their sustainability habits, and they found that one in four adults would grade themself a C or lower. Over seventy percent of them stated that they were trying to be as wasteless as possible but found that on average they throw away twelve items per day.

When you look at this in totality, this means that an average American has three bags of trash per week or over one hundred and fifty bags of trash per year.

Millennials turned out to be the ones who would give themselves an A+ for sustainability, but it turns out that they average the most trash in a day compared to everyone else. On average, they throw away about fifteen things per day.

Talker Research conducted the survey for the Chinet Brand, and they have said that the place with the biggest waste is the kitchen, which makes up eighty percent of waste. Following this, the second most wasteful area would be the bathroom which makes up twenty percent of waste.

Over forty percent of people said that they think about foot waste “always” or “often” with millennials being the ones to claim this the most. Many of the people who were surveyed said that they make it a high priority to use food before it goes bad, but Americans estimated that one-fifth of the food they make gets thrown out.

According to Chinet’s brand manager, Melissa Rakos, “Small shifts in preparation and cooking habits can lead to big strides when it comes to reducing waste.” She continued, “Additionally, purchasing compostable products, or items with recyclable or compostable packaging, can make it easy to reduce the amount of waste we contribute to landfills.”

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