Miller Believes Biden Should Be Impeached for Human Trafficking

( – President Joe Biden has been scorned by Republicans over his mishandling of the border crisis. Biden has suspended Trump-era laws that were meant to protect the United States border as well as those attempting to enter the country illegally. Thousands of people are crossing into the U.S. illegally every day leaving the individual border states to handle the influx of adults and children as best they can.

Stephen Miller, as a special advisor to former President Donald Trump, helped craft the immigration policy that Biden has cast aside. During an interview with Fox News on Sunday September 17th, Miller adamantly stated that he believes Biden should be impeached for his part in the “human trafficking” and “child smuggling” occurring due to Biden’s lax border policies.

Miller continued by saying that Biden has committed “high crimes” by dissolving the border policy and that Biden’s actions concerning immigration are consistent with everything that constitutes human trafficking, which is a felony. Miller also commented on the illegal drugs crossing the border and the “hundreds of thousands” of deaths that have tragically resulted. Miller claims that Biden has satisfied “every single condition of impeachment” with his decisions concerning the immigration policy.

In January, Biden said the crisis at the border is not his fault and placed the blame on congressional Republicans who refused to support the “comprehensive border policy” Biden sent to congress on his first day in office.

On Tuesday September 12, Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he is directing a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden concerning possible corruption in the family’s business dealings. According to McCarthy, an investigation by the House Oversight Committee has uncovered a “culture of corruption” surrounding the Biden family. The Committee has been looking into the business dealings of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, prior to Joe Biden taking office.

The impeachment inquiry will also investigate the possibility that Joe Biden influenced business deals for his son Hunter in China and Ukraine.

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