Moderna’s Flu and COVID Combo Shot Shows Success

( – Moderna has been working on various vaccines and products within their company and one of them is their Flu and COVID combination vaccine. According to company results, the combo vaccine provided an increased immunity in older adults. It was said to show results as if the patient had received their shots separately.

Although the company is in its late-stage trial with the combo shot, there is still a lot to do before the vaccine becomes available to the public. The vaccine would need to go through the Federal Drug Administration where they could ask for changes and would need to be approved. Then the vaccine would need to go through the Center for Disease Control where they would need to approve it.

The clinical trial for the vaccine was done on eight thousand adults and half of those adults were over the age of sixty-five, and the other half were between fifty and sixty-four years old. The trial looked into older adults and how the vaccine would affect them due to the increase in risk of older adults.

The need for these vaccines and the push for them has increased especially since the pandemic. Last year the CDC said that everyone over six months of age should get a flu shot and a COVID shot. They are expected to make a similar recommendation this year for both vaccines and while everyone could get two separate shots for these, a combination shot might be preferred for more patients and it could expedite the process by speeding things up with a combo shot.

Moderna will continue to perfect its vaccine and begin sending it to the FDA and CDC for approval before we see it available to people across the country.

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