More Women Made Top Paid CEO List

( – There are more women becoming CEOs, according to a survey from last year, but the overall numbers are still lower than men.

According to the survey, there are over three hundred CEOs twenty-five of which are women. That’s the most women who have made the list compared to previous years, but the numbers haven’t moved that much as the second-highest tally was twenty-one women CEOs back in 2017.

The survey was based on CEOs who have spent at least two years at their companies in the S&P 500. Christy Glass, a professor of sociology at Utah State University who studies equity, said that seeing more female CEOs is always positive, but that the overall trends are still discouraging.

Glass said, “We’ll see a year where there’s kind of a banner year of women CEOs.” She continued, ”But then a year or two down the road, we’ll see a significant turnover.”

The CEO and chair of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices, Lisa Su, was the highest-paid CEO in the survey, and she’s held that spot for the last five years. Su received a base salary of over one million dollars and a performance bonus of over one million dollars as well. Plus, she has over twenty million dollars worth in stock awards. Su has been at her company for nearly the last decade, and the company has been expanding due to the demand for artificial intelligence in business.

Some other top-paid female CEOs include Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors; Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup; and Carol Tome, CEO Of UPS Inc. All of these women have salaries that exceed twenty million dollars annually.

Although women are making their appearances in the top-paid list, the highest-paid men are still getting paid more than the highest-paid women. The top-paid man is CEO Hock Tan from Broadcom who made over one hundred and fifty million dollars, which shows the substantial margin between the two in terms of pay.

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