MSNBC Host Slammed for Disgusting Coverage of Hamas Attack

( – After Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel that resulted in the brutal deaths of at least 900 and the kidnapping of more than 100 civilians, MSNBC contributor Ayman Mohyeldin accused Israel of being responsible for the attack, Mediaite reported.

While appearing on Ali Velshi’s program on Saturday, Mohyeldin attempted to justify Hamas’ actions, arguing that if nobody else will defend the Palestinians against Israel’s actions in the West Bank or East Jerusalem, then Hamas will use “military might” and “crude weapons.”

Mohyeldin criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for choosing to make peace with the Arab world while refusing to make peace with the Palestinians.

While he conceded that the peace agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries are significant, Mohyeldin said the peace agreements have done nothing to stop the killings of Palestinians or Israelis.

He added that Saturday’s attack also dispels the idea that a so-called two-state solution will bring an end to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mohyeldin argued the attack was the consequence of Israel’s “failed policies” and the failure of the Biden administration to take a different approach to dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.

But Mohyeldin isn’t the only pro-terrorist voice who is blaming Israel for Hamas’ deadly attack.

In a thread on X, Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar appeared to justify Hamas’ attack by arguing that Palestinians “have few recourses for justice and accountability.” She said those condemning Hamas for Saturday’s attack should also condemn Israel for its response.

She also accused Israel of committing war crimes for daring to retaliate after Saturday’s grisly attack and called on the United States to stop providing aid to Isreal and instead “push for peace.”

Omar’s fellow Squad member, Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also blamed Israel for Saturday’s attack and demanded that the United States withdraw all funding to Israel’s “apartheid government,” Fox News reported.

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