MTG Demands an Apology from Gaetz

( – Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is demanding an apology from eight other GOP Representatives, especially an apology from Matt Gaetz. Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his position as Speaker of the House by these Republican Representatives on October 3, 2023.

McCarthy was withdrawn from the seat because he sided too closely with Democrats. Together, they were trying to avoid a partial government shutdown in October and hold it off at least until sometime in November. Since McCarthy was removed from his seat position, he has yet to be able to ratify any laws.

Gaetz initiated the motion to oust McCarthy. Seven other Republicans and all of the Democrats were in favor of Gaetz’s motion. As a result, McCarthy was removed from his seat. In the beginning, In January, Greene wanted McCarthy to keep his position and endorsed him over the other nominees. She criticized the representatives, including Gaetz, for disabling the Republican Party.

After McCarthy was expelled, the Speaker of the House position was open for almost three weeks. Republicans Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, and Tom Emmer were all nominees considered for the GOP seat position. When designating the initial nominees for the position of speaker, both far-right and moderate Republicans noticed a rift in their political opinions.

Greene said the legislative branch went two months without a speaker in 1855. She feared Congress was again going through a long waiting period with the Speaker of the House seat unsecured. Greene demanded Gaetz and the seven other Representatives apologize to everyone in the GOP in order to mend the rifts from recent conflicts. She said the eight needed to “apologize and we need to heal our conference” so everyone could keep making progress.

Finally, Mike Johnson, a representative from Louisiana, was elected the 56th Speaker of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, October 23rd. He was the fourth nominee for the Speaker of the House position. Johnson was a lower-ranking GOP member. However, with 128 votes, Johnson won the seat position. Afterward, at a press conference, Johnson met with a crowd of lawmakers. They cheered him on by chanting “Mike! Mike! Mike!”

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