MTG Digs Heels after McCarthy Concedes Ukraine Aid

( – On Sunday, September 24th, U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said she is a “hard no” on two spending bills because they contain funds for aiding Ukraine. Speaker Kevin McCarthy had previously said on Friday the funding for Ukraine would be stripped from the spending bills but changed his mind by Saturday.

McCarthy claims the decision to include $3 million in funds for Ukraine came after discovering funding for the beleaguered country will be included in another spending measure set to present this week. He claims this will make eliminating the funds “more difficult to do”.

Greene posted on Twitter that she opposes sending money to Ukraine to fund a war, claiming the U.S. Department of Defense does nothing about the current crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border where thousands are invading the country daily. She does not want the Defense bill to allot “blood money” to send to Ukraine. She claims that anyone who wants “peace” should feel the same. Greene would prefer the funding for Ukraine be a stand-alone bill and not “hidden” inside other bills.

Leadership decided to lump the state and foreign operations and defense appropriation bills together with the agriculture and homeland appropriations bills hoping for better results after conservative members struck down the defense appropriations bill twice last week. McCarthy has expressed frustration over members changing their votes unexpectedly at “crunch time”. He said he feels as if members just want to “burn the whole place down”, in reference to the lack of compromise concerning Ukraine.

If a continuing resolution cannot be passed this week, there will be a government shutdown at the end of September.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, came to Washington D.C. this week on Thursday, to speak with government leaders including McCarthy and President Joe Biden. McCarthy denied Zelenskyy’s request to address congress in a joint session on Thursday. According to McCarthy there was no time available to accommodate the request.

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