National Self-Interest Sparks Global Concerns

( – A report done by the Munich Security Conference suggests that the world has entered a new era of thought where many countries are focused on zero-sum thinking, which includes looking for advantages through “protectionism, self-interest, and rejection of mutually beneficial cooperation.”

This year the MSC will hold a conference of world leaders that will discuss topics, such as the conflicts in the Middle East and what might happen if Donald Trump wins the presidential election this year. Essentially, the report shows that many are steering away from transactional thinking.

At a rally on Saturday Trump had told the attendees that he warned NATO allies during his presidency that he would encourage Russia to “attack any member of a state that failed to meet a defense spending target of 2% GDP.” NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, commented on Trump’s speech, saying he “undermined their security” and said that the comment was “appalling and unhinged.”

Josep Borrell, who is the EU foreign policy chief, said “NATO cannot be an a la carte military alliance … depending on the humor of the president of the US.”

Polling shows that the report found that many are worried about the economic outlook for the country and it also showed that European voters are worried about the migration being caused by climate change and war, as well as the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Authors of the report stated that both Russia and China “have been skilfully peddling the narrative that the western countries are promoting the division of the world into blocs and, by regularly interpreting the ‘rules of the rules-based international order to their own advantage, are guilty of practicing double-standards.”

Overall, it seems that many said that we live in a world that is “run by western ideas” and that this could be a cause for conflict as we get further into 2024, especially as both the election approaches and conflicts in the Middle East intensify.

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