NATO Military Spending Included 233m Tonnes of CO2

( – Researchers have spoken out and warned about the effect on the climate when looking at NATO military budgets. Last year, NATO produced over two hundred million metric tonnes of greenhouse gasses, which has been said to be more pollution than some countries produce entirely.

Three international advocacy groups, UK-based Transnational Institute and Tipping Point North South and the Netherlands’ Stop Wapenhandel, compiled a report on greenhouse gasses. “Our research shows that military spending increases greenhouse gas emissions, diverts critical finance from climate action, and consolidates an arms trade that fuels instability during climate breakdown,” said the report.

The authors state that NATO put over one trillion dollars into military spending, an increase of over one hundred billion dollars from the year prior. The military typically has a lot of pollution due to aircraft, military bases, and logistic hubs consuming fossil fuels.

According to the report, NATO emitted 233m metric tonnes of greenhouse gasses with their military budget; this is more than the total gasses from Columbia or Qatar.

Nick Buxton, founder and chief editor of TNI’s flagship annual publication, State of Power, said that by the end of the decade, there needs to be “radical cuts in emissions.” He continued, “But the biggest investment we’re making worldwide, and in particular NATO, is in military spending, which isn’t just not addressing the problem, but actually worsening the problem.”

NATO’s countries’ increased military activity and spending would add an increase in planet-warming emissions that would be equivalent to adding six million cars to the roads.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that the world needs to cut over forty percent of emissions by the end of the decade to meet the goals of the Paris agreement.

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