NATO Takes on Artificial Intelligence as Next Threat to War

( – NATO allies have made artificial intelligence a top priority as they look into it as the next great domain in war. A summit that’s taking place in Washington D.C. is said to focus on safeguarding NATO in an increasingly geopolitical sphere.

The war in Ukraine has had huge adverse effects in everything from trade to defense, and NATO has been focused on the advancement of artificial intelligence and what that can mean for them. With the conflict in Ukraine, the use and reliance on drones in kinetic warfare has been increased and it has prompted an AI race.

A senior fellow at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Mark Montgomery, said, “There should be concern about countering Chinese and Russian AI capabilities in wartime, but concern should not be mistaken for despair.”

Montgomery continued, “Just as there are reasons for concern in countering Chinese and Russian kinetic weapons — such as hypersonic maneuvering cruise missiles — the U.S. has the ability to build effective offensive and defensive systems to deter and, if necessary, defeat adversary actions.”

At the beginning of the year NATO, introduced a program called Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic, which would work with public and private companies to develop “deep technologies” that would address their defense issues.

Under this program, there will be testing sites at almost thirty of the NATO nations to support innovation across the alliance in artificial intelligence, cyber, 5G, and hypersonic and autonomous systems.

“There will be doctrinal discussions at NATO on making sure that we don’t have ‘SKYNET’ take over and start engaging in kinetic action without humans making decisions,” said Marshall Billingslea, former NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment.

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