Navy Seals Die In Anti-Houthi Mission?!

( – Two Navy Seals who went missing on January 11 on a mission, are said to be presumed dead.

According to reports, Navy Seals headed for the ocean to seize and confiscate Iranian-made weapons, but two men went missing on the job. It was said that one of them was swept away, so the other went after him, per protocol, but did not come back either.

US Central Command said that they are making efforts now to try and locate and retrieve their bodies from the water.

Head of Central Command, Gen Michael Erik Kurilla, said, “We mourn the loss of our two Naval Special Warfare warriors, and we will forever honor their sacrifice and example.”

There has been an extensive search for the two men. The United States, Japan, and Spain have spent 10 days searching an ocean area of 21,000 sq miles. They have even used both oceanographers and meteorologists to help locate the men.

“These SEALs represented the very best of our country, pledging their lives to protect their fellow Americans. Our hearts go out to the family members, loved ones, friends, and shipmates who are grieving for these two brave Americans,” said Joe Biden in response to the missing men.

According to Military officials, the first man was swept away in the ocean after trying to get onto a sailing ship where the weapons were found. The second man was swept away as well after jumping into the water, per protocol, to help save the first man.

Despite the tragedies, reports showed that the weapons they came to seize were confiscated. Anti-ship cruise missiles, medium ballistic missiles, and parts of the Houthi air defense system were all among the items seized during the mission.

The entire operation was put into place after many countries had gone out of their way to try to stop the Houthi group from taking down ships coming through the Red Sea. The Houthis state that they are doing good by eliminating Israeli ships, but it’s been found that they are attacking non-Israeli ships. Countries like the United States have tried sending their troops out to either hit back at the Houthis or to seize their weaponry, like in this mission.

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