NEVER SURRENDER’: Trump Makes Shocking Return To Twitter, Posts Mugshot

( – Former President Donald Trump made a shocking return to Twitter on Thursday, August 23 after being arraigned in the Fulton County Jail in Georgia. The arraignment was part of what is now the fourth criminal indictment against the former president, with him and 18 co-defendants being charged with attempting to unlawfully overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The former president made his return to Twitter short and simple, with the post reading “DONALDJTRUMP.COM” with a picture of his mugshot attached. The caption in the image under the mugshot read: “ELECTION INTERFERENCE. NEVER SURRENDER! DONALDJTRUMP.COM.”

Trump arrived at the Fulton County Jail at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. He arrived in a presidential-style motorcade, as all former presidents are entitled to Secret Service protection per the law, even if they are charged with a crime.

According to official documentation, the former president went through the standard jail booking processing, having had his fingerprints taken, being weighed and a mugshot taken, like any other inmate. The process is said to have transpired in mere minutes.

Trump is the first former president in American history to have his mugshot taken. He is also the first former president to be charged with a federal crime.

Many have speculated that the criminal indictments against Trump will only help his 2024 presidential campaign. Trump’s mugshot has been blasted all over social media ever since its release, with supporters of the former president praising it, saying it serves as a great campaign poster.

The news comes as Trump has been formally charged in three other indictments. One indictment stems from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s attempt to nail the former president on his alleged falsification of business records.

The other two indictments come directly from the Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ). One charges the president with over 37 felony counts of mishandling classified documents and unlawfully retaining them in his Mar-a-Lago, Florida residence. The second DOJ indictment accuses Trump of conspiring against and attempting to defraud the U.S. via his alleged participation in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots.

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