New Malaria Vaccine Program For Children?!

A doctor vaccinates a child in Africa during a medical visit

( – Cameroon will actually be the first country to routinely give children a new Malaria vaccine as the shots start to roll out in Africa.

There has been a huge fight in healthcare against Malaria and its effects. With this being said, this campaign has been in the works for a while and is supposed to debut on Monday. This vaccine is taking place in Africa, as this is the area where most Malaria-related deaths are counted; they make up 95% of all Malaria deaths in the world.

Aurelia Nguyen, chief program officer at the Gavi Vaccines Alliance, said, “The vaccination will save lives. It will provide major relief to families and the country’s health system.”

The Central African nation is hoping to be able to vaccinate 250,000 children with this new Malaria vaccine. Gavi also said that they were trying to work with 20 other African countries to help them get the vaccine.

This vaccine is a huge help for the country as they are dealing with many Malaria deaths. Each year there are 250 million cases of Malaria and that includes about 600,000 deaths which mostly include children.

Cameroon will use the most recent two Malaria approved vaccines which is called Mosquitrix. The WHO actually did endorse the vaccine a couple of years ago and said that it was effective, even though it was imperfect.

The doses that are able to be made in a year are limited for the vaccine, especially combating a country that has struggled with Malaria disease. However, many think that this is still a great option for those who suffer from it. With this being said, a new Malaria vaccine from Oxford University is soon to be approved by WHO as well and it could be a more effective option.

It’s important to note that neither of the vaccines prevents illness, so it’s important to still be cautious and continue using things like nets, and insect spraying is still an important part of prevention.

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