New Ways to Combat Crime in DC?!

( – Crime rates have increased heavily in the Washington D.C area and the Justice Department just recently released a statement discussing new resources they’ve gathered to fight crime in D.C.

Department of Justice officials stated that one thing they are looking to combat is carjackings which have been increasing over the years. A multi-component Gun Violence Analytic cell was also discussed, which would aid in other federal investigations that require more attention.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said, “Last year, we saw an encouraging decline in violent crime in many parts of the country, but there is much more work to do – including here in the District of Columbia,” when talking about the crime surge in Washington D.C.

Officials are looking into getting more manpower behind court cases, and they also discussed the idea of moving new prosecutors to look into lethal and non-lethal gun violence. According to officials in Washington D.C, robberies are up 17% compared to last year and carjackings are up by 65% in comparison to last year.

Garland continued, “This surge in law enforcement resources will build on the department’s efforts to target the individuals and organizations that are driving violent crime in the nation’s capital. The Justice Department will not rest until every community in our country is safe from the scourge of violent crime.”

These changes come at the heels of other cities, such as Houston, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee, which have also begun to enact similar changes that would be taking effect to help combat violent crimes.

Officials are concerned about the increase in violence and are looking to get all hands on deck to combat the violence and set boundaries for cities, especially in the District of Columbia areas.

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