New York Times Best Sellers List is Biased Against Conservatives

( – A new report from The Economist has said that the New York Times is “politically biased” against conservative authors on its bestsellers list.

According to them, books from conservatives were estimated to be seven percent less likely to make the bestsellers list compared to other titles with similar sales figures. When they looked at only political books, the gap increased even more.

Said the magazine, “Some may be tempted to cast aside such complaints as sour grapes, a popular delicacy in both publishing and politics. But a study by The Economist suggests that accusations of bias against conservative books may have merit.”

The study was done on two hundred and fifty books released by publishing companies describing themselves as conservative, which made the Publishers Weekly top twenty-five hardcover nonfiction list for at least one week in order to determine these statistics.

Ari Fleischer, a FOX News contributor, said “It’s bang-your-head-against-the-wall frustrating.”

The New York Times spoke out and expressed their views on the findings from the Economist. “The political views of authors or their publishers have absolutely no bearing on our rankings and are not a factor in how books are ranked on the lists,” they said and continued, “There are a number of organizations with bestseller lists, each with different methodologies, so it is normal to see different rankings on each.”

The New York Times keeps secret how they choose which books make the list, and the Economist continues to argue that an accurate bestsellers list would be beneficial to the public and the authors.

A New York Times spokesperson said, “We disagree with the Economist’s suggestion that political bias plays a role in the Best Seller Lists.”

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