News Network Places Warning Label On Trump Event Coverage

News Network Places Warning Label On Trump Event Coverage

( – After being arraigned in a Miami federal courtroom on June 13, Donald Trump flew to Bedminster, New Jersey, to hold a campaign fundraiser at his golf club, where he delivered remarks about the Justice Department’s indictment.

Speaking to his supporters, Trump accused the Biden administration of a “heinous abuse of power,” and attacked special counsel Jack Smith, claiming that the indictment amounted to election interference, The Epoch Times reported.

Trump claimed that Jack Smith is a “Trump hater” who is known for “political hit jobs.”

He also accused Smith of breaching attorney/client privilege by obtaining notes from Trump’s former attorney Evan Corcoran, adding that the special counsel’s office did “horrible and unthinkable” things to his lawyers.

Claiming that the indictment was “another attempt to rig” the election, Trump vowed that the attempt to “steal” the 2024 election would fail and his victory would be “bigger and better than ever before.”

Trump also hinted at what his defense against the indictment might be when he brought up the 2012 ruling related to audio tapes former President Bill Clinton kept in a sock drawer. The judge in the case ruled that the taps were personal records and the National Archivist did not have the authority to re-classify them as presidential records.

Trump dismissed the use of the Espionage Act in his indictment, arguing that the only relevant statute in the case is the Presidential Records Act, which he claimed gave him an “absolute right” to decide what documents he could keep as personal records.

Most network and cable news outlets broadcast most of Trump’s post-arraignment remarks, including the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

But in its broadcast, PBS added a chyron at the bottom of the screen stating that “experts” have warned that the “inflammatory rhetoric” of “people in power” and politicians could “prompt individual actors” into committing “acts of violence.”

MSNBC and CNN refused to cover Trump’s speech at all. In response, Fox News inserted a chyron of its own stating other networks were ignoring the former President’s remarks.

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