Nicaragua Greenlights Russian Military Bases

( – The President of Nicaragua recently greenlighted the construction of Russian military bases in its own territory, potentially signaling a huge shift in geopolitical balance in the region, as the Americas are typically thought to be under the influence of the United States.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega approved the measure, allowing Russian military facilities to be constructed a little over 1,800 miles from Washington, D.C. Due to the country’s proximity, it would be very easy for Russia to mount an offensive against the United States via a missile attack, or even a nuclear missile attack.

Russian military officials had previously considered the deployment of military installations in Latin American countries, though no steps on the Russian side have been taken as of now. It is still unknown whether Russian officials will accept President Ortega’s offer to build military bases in the country.

The move comes after relations between Russia and Nicaragua have improved considerably over the years, with both countries being led by authoritarian regimes. Both countries came to an agreement pertaining to the “peaceful” use of atomic energy in 2022, a move the United States condemned, claiming such a deal jeopardizes the security of the region.

Another concern for the West is the inevitable solidification of Ortega’s dictatorship in Nicaragua, which will only continue to get stronger as Russia — led by the autocrat President Vladimir Putin — continues to support Ortega’s regime.

The news comes as Russia continues to fight in its invasion of Ukraine, which has so far slowed to an uneasy stalemate as both Kiev’s summer counteroffensive and Moscow’s invasion efforts fail to meet expectations.

The move also follows a recent report by the Telegraph detailing China’s secretive funneling of military aid to Russia while also trying to avoid economic sanctions, despite officially claiming neutrality in the war. Russia’s sanctioned defense ministry has received more than $20 billion in trade with China, which includes tens of thousands of shipments of missile launchers, firing scopes and other military equipment.

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