Nine in Ten Global Companies Are Failing to Uphold Human Rights

( – More than ninety percent of the world’s most influential companies are not meeting societal expectations when considering human rights. These companies include large names like Amazon, Shein, Pfizer, Nestle, BMW, Standard Chartered, and more top-name companies.

The world’s top companies make up forty-five percent of the global economy, but they are missing a huge opportunity when it comes to upholding human rights standards in their company. The nonprofit World Benchmarking Alliance reported that they have not been meeting standards within their companies and this is affecting millions of people.

Namit Agarwal, social transformation lead at the WBA, a company that tracks the commitment of companies to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, has spoken out about the findings.

“The companies have resources and influence equivalent to some of the biggest countries, impacting more people than the populations of many nations. The fact that 90 percent of these companies are failing to act on fundamental social expectations shows the state of play of the private sector,” said Agarwal.

Agarwal continued, “Demonstrating leadership in creating an equal, inclusive, and just world could significantly aid governments in eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, and ensuring access to decent work for all. Regulation, guidance, and external pressure are necessary to steer businesses in the right direction.”

About thirty percent of the companies scored between a zero and a two out of twenty total points. The WBA said this was a “clear mismatch between what companies disclose on decent work and society’s expectation of them.”

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