Nissan Vows to Go 100% EV in Europe by 2030

( – Nissan, the Japanese carmaker, plans to sell only electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe by 2030. The U.K. originally had a goal to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by that same year. The U.K. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced last week that he will delay the ban until 2035. Nissan president, Makoto Uchida, says the delay on the ban will not deter Nissan from “pressing ahead” with their goal to have only EVs available in Europe by 2030. According to Uchida it’s the “right thing to do” for the planet, customers, and company.

Sunak’s delay on the vehicle ban caused apprehension among climate enthusiasts and carmakers. Carmakers have been working tirelessly and have spent billions of dollars to modify their production and supply chains to manufacturing all electric vehicles. There is concern the delay on the ban could interfere with the phasing out the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Nissan has plans to introduce 27 electric and hybrid vehicles, including 19 all electric vehicles, globally by 2030. The company also plans to introduce a cobalt free battery and launch a vehicle with its own all-solid-state-battery (ASSB) by 2028. It is expected that the new ASSB will reduce the cost of EVs by 65% and reduce charging times by two thirds. Nissan will begin making the ASSB batteries in Japan and would like to be mass producing them by 2028.

Nissan’s partner Renault and competitors Ford and Stellantis have all decided to proceed with the plan to have all EVs in Europe by 2030. One of Nissan’s new models of EV will be produced in the company’s Sunderland plant in the U.K. Volvo intends to phase out gasoline and diesel vehicles completely and to be selling only EVs globally by 2030. Traditional carmakers are vying to catch up with electric specialists like Tesla.

Uchida said there is “no turning back” as he believes the world needs to evolve completely from the use of internal combustion engines.

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