NJ Dem Kicked Out of Stadium After Flag Altercation

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A New Jersey Democratic political boss was kicked out of the Philadelphia Eagles stadium after he had an altercation with security because he put a flag on the wall of his luxury suite.

On Sunday, at a Philadelphia Eagles game, Democratic Party organizer George Norcross flew an American-Israeli flag under his luxury viewing box. The flag portrayed the United States flag on the left merged with the Israeli flag on the right.

Someone posted a video of the conflict on the social media platform X (Twitter). The video then went viral.

The video showed Norcross enjoying the football game between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Security approached the 67-year-old and motioned for him to leave the suite. Norcross stood between the guard and his flag and pointed to some location to his right. For a moment, the two spoke. Then, the security guard reached past the power broker and tried to grab the flag. For a moment, Norcross attempted to push the guard away from his flag. The guard said something to him and shoved him in the direction of another security officer. As the second officer leads Norcross away, the first guard pulls the American-Israeli flag off of the wall of the luxury suite.

After the flag altercation, an administrator from the stadium said the arena has a “longstanding policy” against flags. The policy says security has the right to remove any banner or flag that blocks the audience’s view or that the crowd may find offensive. The security officers believed Norcross’s flag violated the stadium’s flag policy. The representative also said Norcross was being “verbally and physically abusive.” His actions resulted in his removal from the suite.

Not everyone was happy with the security guards’ decision to remove Norcross and his American-Israeli flag. Some fans voiced their support for Norcross and said the stadium should apologize.

Norcross said he had been a fan of the Eagles for a very long time and had bought a season ticket. He said he had made statements on many “civil justice issues” and “world conflicts” in the past. Norcross wanted to show support for the Israelis after the attack by Hamas on October 7th. The Democratic operative is considering taking legal action against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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