North Korea and Russia Pursue Arms Deal Negotiations

( – Newly discovered intelligence suggests that arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea are intensifying, potentially providing ammunition for different weapons systems, such as artillery for Russia’s war effort in its invasion of Ukraine.

North Korea, however, has repeatedly denied that such arms negotiations are taking place. However, John Kirby, spokesperson for the National Security Council, said that North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin have exchanged letters pledging to increase cooperation between the two countries.

Kirby said further that these negotiations may continue to advance in the coming months, and that such an agreement could also result in Russia being provided raw materials that would help the country’s industrial base, allowing it to better produce war-related goods.

The news comes as the U.S. Treasury recently uncovered and sanctioned a supply network between the two countries meant to evade Western-imposed sanctions. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Greenfeld openly accused North Korea and Russia of secretly negotiating an arms agreement during a Security Council meeting on Wednesday, August 30.

The public disclosure of new intelligence regarding increased cooperation between Russia and North Korea is also part of the Biden administration’s strategy to further pressure both countries and undermine their efforts to evade Western sanctions. The strategy, according to the Biden administration, is a way of putting the North Korean regime on notice, as well as potentially alerting the international community about such activities.

Kirby said further that Russia’s attempt to reach out to North Korea for help is most certainly a sign of weakness on Putin’s part. North Korea is widely regarded to a be a poor and weak country that places almost all its emphasis on projecting military might rather than actually improving the country internally. The idea of Russia having to appeal to such a country for military provisions, according to Kirby, shows that Russia is not in a good place militarily in its war against Ukraine.

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