North Korea Tests Submarine-launched Cruise Missile

( – State media spoke out about North Korea testing yet another cruise missile. The country has been pushing its military to test out many different missiles and this is certainly not the first time they’ve done testing.

The state media reported that North Korea’s military tested a cruise missile that was launched from a submarine on Sunday. Kim Jong Un was supervising the test launch and said that this launch was a part of his plan to “continue accelerating the nuclear weaponization of our navy.”

The state media published photos of Kim Jong Un at the testing site and they also stated that Kim was very satisfied with the results of the tests. The missile reportedly flew over the East Sea and hit an island target.

This isn’t the first test launch that North Korea has done. In fact, this launch follows one that was just performed using a Pulhwasal 3-31 missile on Wednesday. We can expect to see North Korea continue with missile tests and nuclear launches as they expand their military and take steps towards achieving their goals of a nuclear-armed military and navy.

The United States, South Korea, and Japan all say they are monitoring military activity in the region and are sharing real-time updates on it. With this being said, there is some concern and the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday for North Korea to, “refrain from further provocative, destabilizing actions and return to diplomacy.”

“We are eager to engage in substantive discussions on identifying ways to not just manage military risk but create lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, as well as our continued stated goal of the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” said Vedant Patel, a spokesperson.

With this being said, North Korea pushes forward with their military ventures saying that “nuclear weaponization of the navy is an urgent task of the times.” They stated that Kim’s decisions have paved the way to expanding their Navy and military forces in a “diversified way.”

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