North Korean Leader Names South Korea Their “Foe”

Unique View From North Korean Side: North Korean Soldiers guard the border between South and North marked by a short concrete wall. Focus on the Soldier in the Middle, Background Out of Focus.

( – In a report on Tuesday, it was said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asked for the constitution to be changed and to label South Korea as their “primary foe”, saying that North Korea doesn’t intend to avoid war with South Korea.

During the Supreme People’s Assembly, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un discussed the DPRK’s relationship with South Korea. He said that he doesn’t believe unification with South Korea is at all possible and asked for a constitutional change.

Kim Jong Un said that the constitution should be changed to show that South Korea is the “primary foe and invariable principle enemy.” He said that he wants the Constitution to recognize that North Korea’s territory is separate from South Korea’s territory.

“We don’t want war but we have no intention of avoiding it,” Kim said as he spoke about their relationship with South Korea moving forward.

He stated that North Korea should plan for “completely occupying, subjugating and reclaiming” South Korea. He said that South Korea should also not be looked at as “fellow countrymen.”

He also said that he would be shutting down organizations attempting to unify the two Koreas since the country is no longer looking to be unified with the South.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in a cabinet meeting said Pyongyang was being “anti-national” for calling South Korea a hostile country.

Kim’s call for constitutional changes comes after tensions have heightened between the two Koreas. Kim’s speech spoke about putting the people first and making sure that they can meet their economic and military goals.

Won Gon Park of Seoul’s Ewha Womans University said that Kim appeared to feel threatened by South Korea and that this is why he’s making these changes.

“Kim Jong Un’s increasingly aggressive language appears to show he feels he’s lost the upper hand in the inter-Korean relationship,” Park said.

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