OpenAI Claims Elon Musk Supported Making OpenAI Profitable

( – OpenAI is responding to Elon Musk’s attempt at a lawsuit against OpenAI for profiting off of their AI tools despite an agreement made between the parties.

Elon Musk launched a lawsuit against OpenAI after he claimed that they are utilizing AI as a profitable tool, instead of for the “benefit of humanity” like they had agreed upon at the launch of artificial intelligence. However, according to OpenAI, Elon Musk was supportive of the idea of making OpenAI profitable.

Elon Musk pointed out the agreement made between multiple tech giants where they signed saying that they would use and create AI for the “benefit of humanity.” In response to Elon Musk’s lawsuit, OpenAi wrote back and also leaked multiple emails from Musk which then escalated the issue between the two parties.

OpenAI said in a blog post, “The mission of OpenAI is to ensure AGI benefits all of humanity, which means both building safe and beneficial AGI and helping create broadly distributed benefits.”

They continued, “We intend to move to dismiss all of Elon’s claims.”

Elon Musk funded OpenAI at launch but had them sign an agreement that said they were creating AI for the benefit of humanity and only for public benefit and not for profit.

In an email sent by Elon Musk on December 26, 2018, he said, “This needs billions per year immediately or forget it.” This was in response to how much funding OpenAI would need.

Elon Musk, according to OpenAI, has tried taking a substantial part of the business, trying to become CEO and majority shareholder, but OpenAI thought that not just one person should be in charge. After multiple attempts of trying to get OpenAI on board with his ideas, Elon Musk then launched his own AI startup brand, while being supportive of OpenAI’s endeavors.

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