Over 200 People Accused Doctor of Sexual Assault

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A lawsuit has been filed that accuses a doctor of performing unnecessary exams and committing sexual assault.

Kristin Fritz says that over a decade ago she went in to visit Dr. Derrick Todd because of spine pain and he “aggressively groped her breasts” to the point where he “seemed to like it,” according to Fritz. Last year when she was contacted by the hospital regarding Todd and the lawsuit against him, she realized something was wrong and that she wasn’t the only one.

“I feel so violated,” she said. “I feel so ashamed of myself for not knowing better at the moment to do anything and to be like, yeah, this did feel wrong and I should tell somebody.”

Fritz is one of almost two hundred people who have accused Dr. Todd of sexual assault and are pushing for the lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses Todd of performing unnecessary pelvic floor therapy, breast examinations, testicular examinations, and rectal examinations on patients.

It accused Dr. Todd of abusing patients since 2010 and accused several other defendants, including the hospital he worked at of knowing about the abuse and not saying anything.

“It’s an extraordinary number of people who put their trust in Dr. Todd and who had that trust violated simply for his own personal, selfish gratification,” said William Thompson of Lubin & Meyer, whose firm represents most of the defendants.

He continued, “The other thing that strikes me about this case is how could this have been going on at the hospital, at the practice group for so long without somebody recognizing … that something suspicious was going on. Yet, they allowed him to continue to do this week after week, month after month, year after year, to more and more victims.”

In April of last year, two anonymous complaints were sent out regarding Dr. Todd to the hospital which eventually led to him having supervised exams and then being terminated not long after that. The hospital then notified the authorities and all former and current patients about the situation.

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