Oversight Chair Vows To Subpoena Biden Family

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said last week that the committee will eventually subpoena members of the Biden family, possibly including the president, The Hill reported.

While appearing on Fox Business last Thursday, Comer said the Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings was “always going to end” with members of the Biden family testifying to the committee.

Comer said when the committee subpoenas the Biden family, the investigation is bound to end in court, adding that this is why the committee is putting together a strong case before issuing any subpoenas.

He explained that if he had subpoenaed the Biden family right away, the investigation would have been “tied up in court” and the judge would have probably thrown it out. But because the committee has put together a strong case before subpoenas are issued, he believes it would “stand up in any court of law in America.”

Comer’s appearance on Fox follows the release last week of a third memo outlining the more than $20 million Hunter Biden and his business partners received from foreign oligarchs from countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan while Joe Biden was vice president.

According to the memo, the Oversight Committee has so far only subpoenaed banks linked to specific companies and individuals but has not subpoenaed the bank records of Biden family members.

The committee first wants to hear from three or four other business associates before issuing subpoenas to the Biden family, Comer told Fox Business. If the associates refuse to voluntarily appear before the committee, they will be subpoenaed, he added.

Comer acknowledged that the attempt to obtain information from President Biden through subpoenas will be an uphill fight as it was for Congressional Democrats seeking information from then-President Donald Trump.

White House spokesman Ian Sams responded to Comer’s interview by accusing the Republican House of spreading “innuendo and lies” to pursue a “baseless impeachment stunt.”

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