PA Prison Responds to Cavalcante’s Escape

( – After convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante got away by crab-walking up a wall, a variety of security upgrades will be implemented at the Pocopson Township jail in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The 34-year-old killer was seen “crab walking” between two parallel walls in the prison’s recreation yard to climb them. After jumping the razor wire and rushing over the roof, he passed the rooftop watchtower guard.

No one noticed he was missing until the guards did head counts an hour later.

A county official said an unnamed veteran guard who missed Cavalcante’s escape was fired. The guard’s cell phone was in the tower, which violated Chester County Prison’s standards.

According to a report, the county’s jail board had authorized a multi-million dollar proposal to completely enclose the prison’s exercise yards with solid walls and a roof. The restoration might take up to nine months and cost nearly $3.5 million.

The report shows that the Kansas City engineering and design firm TransSystems was contracted to remodel the prison’s exercise yards and that they claim their new enclosures would permanently fix the security deficiencies that Cavalcante used to escape in August.

Acting Warden Howard Holland proposed various measures to increase safety inside the facility, including installing more cameras and adding extra correction officers. Some of the additional staff members would monitor the surveillance video.

The jail board unanimously agreed with both of Holland’s recommendations.

The approved redesign proposal includes the elimination of shed roofs and the building sealed exercise areas featuring 18-foot high stone walls.

According to a report, LED lighting systems will replicate natural sunshine. The enclosure would prevent sunlight from entering the yard from above, save for a few screened windows at the very top of the walls.

Brad Endler, vice president of architecture and engineering at TranSystems, claimed that the design would deter further attempts at egress and stop contraband infiltrating the premises by drone.

According to Commissioner Josh Maxwell, the Inquirer will be supported by federal funds from the American Rescue Plan.

After murdering his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao in the presence of her children in 2021, Cavalcante was given a lifelong term in Pennsylvania in August. The prosecution claims he killed her because he was afraid she would report him to the authorities for a homicide he committed in Brazil. He is suspected of being in the US illegally.

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