Pentagon Announces Development of New Nuclear Bomb

( ) – On Monday, the Pentagon said it has seen the United States’ adversaries becoming more threatening, so the Defense Department has announced it is developing a new nuclear bomb. The bomb that dropped on Hiroshima during World War II would be considered a dwarf in comparison as this new bomb will be 24 times more powerful.

Defense for Space Policy’s Assistant Secretary, John Plumb, said America needs to be ready for the calculated attacks of its enemies. He said it is essential to discourage the nation’s foes, reassure our country’s allies, and defend the United States from harm. He announced that the creation of this nuclear bomb was a result of a “changing security environment” and the “growing threats” of anticipated foes. In summary, the Department of Defense wants America to be prepared militarily for the future. Plumb said this new bomb is known as B61-13.

Similar to the B61-7, the B61-13 will yield about 360 kilotons. In comparison, the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II was 25 kilotons. This measurement makes the B61-13 14 times more massive than the Nagasaki bomb. The B61-13 will be 24 times the size of the bomb that descended on Hiroshima in 1945.

This nuclear bomb would not increase the amount of bombs the United States possesses. Instead, this bomb would replace a few B61-7s. The new bomb would strike a large land area and would have a powerful impact on the military target it would hit. Modern aircraft would carry the bomb to its destination before dropping it.

At the beginning of October, in Nevada, high-powered explosives were being tested at a nuclear testing location. The deputy administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration, Corey Hinderstein, said the testing and development of new technology will hopefully prevent our enemies from increasing the number of nuclear weapons they have stockpiled. He also said America is discovering new ways to detect nuclear tests taking place underground.

The testing in Nevada came after Russia was purportedly about to leave the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1966. This treaty was to prohibit any nuclear bombs from being detonated. China, North Korea, Israel, Iran, and a few other countries never formally consented to the treaty.

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