Pentagon Scrambles To Remedy Raw Materials Shortage For Ukraine

( – The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a scramble for new military equipment in Washington, D.C. as the Pentagon is struggling to spare enough supplies to assist the Ukrainians in their effort to repel the Russian invasion, according to the Washington Post.

U.S. military contractors are expected to double the rate of production of standard NATO artillery rounds from last year before the war began. Even 28,000 artillery shells per month is apparently not enough to satisfy the Ukrainian military’s ever-growing need for artillery rounds. Depleted American reserves make the present supply issues even more daunting.

Ukraine has also struggled to restock its own arsenal due to its dwindling supply of explosive TNT, which the U.S. no longer produces. The vast majority of American TNT actually comes from Poland. Washington is also reportedly looking for new suppliers, such as Japan.

Other raw materials, such as the propellant used to move artillery shells through the gun barrels, are also in shortage. Martin Vencl, spokesperson for the Czech artillery propellant manufacturing company, told the Post that the raw materials required to make the propellant, such as nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, are currently in a shortage.

A Pentagon official who did not disclose their name told the Post that the military can better address future shortages by maintaining a high demand for ammunition for a longer period of time, to lessen the chances of depleted stockpiles.

The Pentagon is also facing bureaucratic hurdles that are preventing the U.S. from fully funding its aid to Ukraine. Just 40.8% of the federal government’s $44.5 billion military production costs for Ukraine has been finalized.

The news also comes as China has been quietly supplying Russia with military supplies since before the start of the war in Ukraine, despite officially claiming to be neutral in the war. The Russian defense ministry, which has endured sanctions from several Western countries, has received more than $200 billion in trade with China. China’s trade with other countries has also fallen significantly by comparison.

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