Pentagon Set to Double Presence in Middle East

( – The growing unrest of the Israel-Hamas war has led to the Pentagon placing military personnel and warships into the Middle East. This will aid in deterring terrorist groups, Iran and Syria from attacking in the future. As of now, the battle between Israel and Hamas has led to the death of 29 American citizens.

After expressing his support for Israel, President Joe Biden said the U.S. will guarantee Israel will have its needs met and will “take care of its citizens” and protect itself from future attacks. Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, also stated that Israel will never stand alone in its defense as long as the U.S. is around.

America plans to commit and send aid to Israel without deploying troops into war. This is important as the United States’ involvement could sway the war in Israel’s favor. Senator Joni Ernst understands and stresses the significance of gathering and sharing intelligence. Ernst believes this will increase the chances of finding and rescuing the hostages in Gaza.

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, believes having a strong presence in the Middle East will discourage threats and protect American interests. The hope is to prevent a war from spreading beyond the Israel-Hamas borders. Austin sent a second nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (The Eisenhower) which is expected to arrive in the next few days. This follows the United States’ backing of Israel in sending a small fleet of warships to the Mediterranean Sea. The Persian Gulf is seeing an increase of over 100 U.S. attack planes following the recent ambush on Israel. Jerusalem has also received military aid and Iron Dome interceptors to bolster itself from terrorist missiles.

America has a long history of supporting Israel. Since the Second World War, America has given aid to Israel totaling nearly $158 billion. The U.S. has given more financial aid to Israel than any other country. If the terrorist group Hezbollah continues to boost its attacks in the Middle East, the Pentagon will once again inflate its military presence to help defend Israel.

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