Perplexity AI Startup Has Raised Money For Its Chatbot

( – Perplexity, an AI startup company, has raised tens of millions of dollars with its mission to rival search chatbots from tech businesses like Google.

However, the company’s AI search chatbot is facing multiple challenges as some media companies are objecting to the way they are running their business. The company is also competing against large tech companies like Google and Apple, which have implemented similar artificial intelligence practices.

CEO Aravind Srinivas of Perplexity spoke out after being accused of ripping off a Forbes article by publishing a summarized version; Forbes stated that they found multiple “knock-off” articles like these.

The Associated Press spoke out saying that they investigated and found that Perplexity was coming up with fake quotes from real people. One of the quotes was allegedly from one of Martha Vineyard’s former elected town officials claiming she said that she didn’t want Massachusetts to become a destination for marijuana, but this was a false quote.

When the CEO was asked about Forbes, he said that they “never ripped off content from anybody. Our engine is not training on anyone else’s content.”

“We are actually more of an aggregator of information and providing it to the people with the right attribution,” he said.

He continued, “It was accurately pointed out by Forbes that they preferred a more prominent highlighting of the source. We took that feedback immediately and updated the changes that day itself. And now the sources are more prominently highlighted.”

Many spoke out on Perplexity’s lack of appreciation of journalism and their choice not to own up to a mistake and apologize for publishing the article. However, Perplexity continues to say that they are planning to work with publishers and journalists to ensure their news content “Reaches more people.”

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